wmt_scriptcmd editor

I maked a simple editor for wmt_scriptcmd file.
After import the original wmt_scriptcmd file is posible save into another file with .wmt extension.
All files with .wmt extesion are editable and after compilation result a new wmt_scriptcmd file.
This result file is posible to copy directly into your SD card.

link : http://adf.ly/5UtiX    (last update on 13/01/2012)

With save_envbin.zip is posible to save your environment variable from device.
The script will create into the SD card file env.bin.
Open this file with WMTEditor (select env.bin on Open File Dialog).

I added new features:

Now from  your env.bin  is posible to create automatic the wmt_scriptcmd file. At the same time it creates a backup file with  name of your  tablet (ex. : 7inch_std_vt1603.wmt)

This program will help you to identify more easier your tablet !

ATENTION : I tested this program only for 7" tablet!

Greeatings from diabetu and sorry for my english  !
* save_envbin.zip (0.37 kB - downloaded 63 times.)