Universal Uberoid WM8650 1.5.5 HoneyCombMOD v10.1


Uberoid is a modded 1.5.5 firmware with 1.5.5 Green and Blue kernels with loaders from 1.3.1. In general, Uberoid is a highly optimized ROM for WM8650 tablets that is easy to setup:

RUN CHANGER.BAT on a Windows PC to setup and / or personalize the ROM. Type "X" <enter> in CHANGER to see all XTRA commands. In Linux/Android, you can run CHANGER.SH to setup the model for your ROM, other CHANGER functions will be added in later versions.

You can run CHANGER to:
   * select your model (changes ROM config according to you model)
   * copy Uberoid to SD (type in CHANGER "SD" <enter>, or anwer "y" after CHANGER has set a model
   * Format a SD properly and copy Uberoid to it (type in CHANGER "SDFORMAT" <enter>, or anwer "y" after CHANGER has received "n" to the COPY question, it will ask you if you want to format and copy to SD.)
   * Create a LiTE version, in CHANGER you type "LiTE", this makes 9.5MB free in the ROM. It removes these components:
     -extra apps and honeycomb looks
      * Type "UNLITE" <enter> in CHANGER to get the extra apps back.
   * Change the font/lang to Arabic (type in CHANGER "AR" <enter> to copy the arabic support package to the ROM)
   * Change the font/lang to Thai (type in CHANGER "TH" <enter> to copy the thai support package to the ROM)
   * Change the font/lang to Turkish (type in CHANGER "TR" <enter> to copy the turkish support package to the ROM)
   * Enable/disable phone support by executing "PHONE" <enter> or "UNPHONE" to disable (E10 has this default)
   * Add rt3070v2 support by typing "RT3070" <enter> (type "UNRT3070" to undo) Use this option when you have no wlan, you can cross this mod with every option set.
   * You can mix language / region settings very easy, type "LOC" <enter> in the CHANGER for more info and settings.[/list]

Main features:
* Live Wallpaper Support
* HoneyComb styled launcher, framework and icons
* Extreme WM8650 compatibility (80 models +!)
* Run CHANGER to make the ROM compatible with your device using Windows, Linux or even from your tablet!
* Customizable ROM, make it even more LITE for example (see CHANGER 'x' for more info)
* 100% Rooted
* Audio Boosted
* Updated BusyBox to 1.19
* Memory cleaning boosted
* Memory read/write boosted
* Lite version, stripped away many apps
* Tries to support as many languages as possible
* Real working Google Market[/list]

* Fixed Opera problem
* Fixed audio problem
* Fixed some scripts (Thanks Leeh33!!!)
* Changed phone support to native E10 rom apps[/list]

* boosted init.rc by Leeh33!
* fixed a handful of boot errors
* new boot animation
* included Leeh33's init.rc including boosts and a lot of cleanups!
* TED is now the default text handler
* file expert is the default file browser
* meridian player default media player
* opera mini 6.5
* new launcher look
* updated boost scripts
* rebuilt dalvic cache
* modded a new and expanded default.prop
* rebuilt honeycomb mods
* complete new rebuilt on 1.5.5 m009s firmware
* a lot of stock apps back and replaced
* pre installed google voice search
* added all addition android libs
* more options available in settings
* working google voice search
* fix icons: clock, calculator calendar, my browser, my video, camera, settings
* phone support back
* fixed missing icon
* fixed camera and settings problem due new android fs
* enable phone support in changer
* modular phone support package
* disabled auto update of time
* disabled OTA
* messaging support back
* fixed several battery problems
* fixed m003s support
* added HcH's TechKnow RSS app v0.2
* added live wallpaper support
* fixed memory loaders for better performance
* modded boot behaviour[/list]

Now supports these devices:
1=Maylong M-250 7" (Tested by HcH)
1=MID V7 7"
1=Fview NL Intertoys 7"
1=MID E18 7"
1=M009S Green LED 7"
1=TomTec Tablet 7"
2=M009S Blue LED 7" (Tested by HcH thanks to Javielopr)
2=Polaroid MPC700G 7"
2=Epad GW-70 7"
2=MIDV7 Blue LED 7"
2=WinPad-C07 7"
3=M003S 8" (Tested by HcH thanks to WISO66)           
3=Innovatek MID 7"
4=PC-802 8"           
5=BLY-806 8"
5=VIA WM8650 8"
6=M80003W 8" (Thanks for testing Tomb!)         
6=M806B 8"
6=MID M80006 8"
7=Apex 7" (Thanks for testing babak and bonsoir!)           
7=BLY-706F v1 7"
7=M706S 7"
7=Kingcom Joypad 72 7"
8=MID703 7"
8=Netbook WM8650 7"           
8=V7 MID 7"
8=ILC PC Tab701 7"
8=KLD-MID701 7"
8=Scipad 7"
8=MID710 7"
8=CE037B 7"
8=eMatic eGlide2 7"
9=Tabtech 7" (Thanks for testing Nick_1964 and Swel!)
9=M010S 7"
9=FlashTab 7"
9=Xiron 7"
9=TomTec 7"
10=M80003W v1.5.x (Thanks ctwinter!)
10=M012S 8"           
11=M70007T 7" (Thanks for testing nio!)         
11=ViaPad M7 7"
11=VIA WM8650 7"
11=M768A 7"
11=Leader V70 7"
11=Epad GW-707 7"
12=ATF3416-7 7"       
12=NeoPad8650 7" (Thanks Rastarn!)
13=BLY-706F v3 7"
13=NETPAD 11 7"
13=Zixoon Z78 7"
14=E16 5cun1603 5"
15=ED99 8cun1603 8"   
15=MID 806 8"
15=M806S 8"
15=BLY-806 8"
15=PC-802 DT 8" (Thanks for testing Kensgadget.multiply.com!)
15=Kingcom Joypad 81 (Thanks eyeshield21!)
16=E18 7cun1603 7" (Thanks PinoyDroid!)
17=ED99 8cun8900 8"   
18=Ricatech RATAB 10"
18=TomTec 10" (Thanks for VirualNobody!)
18=NetBook WM8650 10" (Thanks PADMAN!)
19=M013s 10"
20=ePad M009D 7"
21=ZX07D 7"
22=M008s 9.7" (Thanks for testing kevmyst!)
23=E18_7cun1603DT152 7"
24=E88_97cun1603153 10"
25=IMITO Im7 1.5.1 7"
26=puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts 7"
27=M01B 1.5.3 7"
28=TP_puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts_152 7"
29=M009plus 1.5.1 7"
30=M009SBDT 1.5.3 7" (Thanks to Gary and Kenkho for testing!)
30=SKU10374 7"
31=M731123 7"
32=SV27C151 7"
33=CEM8650701 7"
34=CEM8650702 7" (Thanks for testing Jumpjack!)
35=CEM8650801 8"
36=CEM8650971 9.7"
37=CEM8650972 9.7"
38=E10 7" (Many thanks to Maroenli02 for a lot of testing!)
39=aPad 2 9.7"
39=J355 9.7"
40=JSA8inch_std_vt1609 8"
41=8inch_vt1603 8"
42=8inch_vt1609_ts 8" (Thanks for testing jazzybazz)[/list]

Download:Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v10.1.7z 104.8MB

FAQ#1: HowTo install the ROM:
1. Extract archive to SD CARD (so a directory SD:\FirmwareInstall is present and the file wmt_scriptcmd in the sd root)
2. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your SD root and see what models there are
4. Put in the number of your model and press <enter>
5. Turn off your tablet
6. Insert SD
7. Turn on your tablet
8. Follow instruction
9. Enjoy a better tablet[/list]

FAQ#2: HowTo Fix market cache problem, not all apps (like Google's) can be found:
1. Open the Market and press the home button to return
2. Go to Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running
3. Press "Market"
4. Press "Clear cache" (do not clear data)
5. Press "Force stop"
6. Return to "Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running"
7. Press "Google Services Framework"
8. Press "Clear Data"
9. Press "Force Stop"
10. Start Google Market, it must give an error
11. Reboot, once back Market should work, if it gives an error it could need another minute to work
12. Test the access, search Skype on the market, it should return 400+ results including the original Skype and google's apps like maps / streetview / docs and skype[/list]

FAQ#3: Uberoid keeps flashing, the tablet does not boot to Android:
* Then you must try another model, this problem occurs for example when you use a green led script for a blue led device

Note: Any feedback on the new options (ALL options after 42 are NEW UNTESTED options, feedback appreciated!)

Note: This version has a few known problems, such as instability at first boot, resolved after a few boots. This should be fixed in the next version.

Note: This is a test version, please provide feedback which option work 100% and which options fail at which point in this topic. All devices marked with * are new/untested but should be fine, but to ensure they are alright I would like the feedback.

Read the FAQ when you are experiencing any problems.

Read here HowTo install / flash the ROM


José Cabral said...

Thanks for the info but i needed to download it from another webpage because your Mf link is set to private!

gerry said...

it just hangs at the honeycomb screen on every rom iv tried. this is my tablet http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140727676069&ssPageName=ADME:L:OU:GB:3160#ht_6967wt_1186

any ideas?

Sebastien Bobek said...

Can't download, the file is set to private. I have tried so many options to repair my firmware anyway.
I think I will give up and bring it to PC BUS for professional repair.

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Zumba classes said...

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