Backup settings / env_uboot before flash ( FOR UNIVERSAL UBROID

Use any terminal emulator such a ConnectBot to extract these values:

wmtenv get touchcodec (older ROMs use this)
wmtenv get
wmtenv get
wmtenv get wmt.gpt.gsensor
wmtenv get wmt.bus.i2c
wmtenv get wmt.sys.keypad
wmtenv get wmt.display.param
wmtenv get wmt.display.tmr
wmtenv get wmt.display.pwm
wmtenv get
wmtenv get
wmtenv get
wmtenv get wmt.vt160x.bat
wmtenv get

If all options of Uberoid fail, you can mod the env_uboot file now yourself with the proper settings! Just be sure to pick the right kernel (else cam/hibernation will fail)

Or try this script out using ScriptManager or Gscript from the market:

echo "" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "wmt.gpt.gsensor" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get wmt.gpt.gsensor >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "wmt.bus.i2c" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get wmt.bus.i2c >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "wmt.sys.keypad" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get wmt.sys.keypad >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "wmt.display.param" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get wmt.display.param >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "wmt.display.tmr" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get wmt.display.tmr >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "wmt.display.pwm" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get wmt.display.pwm >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "wmt.vt160x.bat" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get wmt.vt160x.bat >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
echo "Touchcodec:" >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;
wmtenv get touchcodec >>/LocalDisk/ubootnfo.txt;

NOTE: Not all values will have output! That's OK :)

Also WMT provides a script for this!


# Display all boot settings in 'one-line' style
# for internal debug purpose.
# Written by Vincent Chen <>

for f in `find $1 -name "uboot_env_*" | sort`
  printf "\$cat $f\n\n"
  cat $f |tr '\n' '~'|sed 's/\\\~//g'|tr '~' '\n'|\
      sed 's/  //g'|sed '/^$/d'


ADmin said...

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Kevin Taylor said...

I have a Maylong M-250 and tried to install Uberoid. I’ve tried every option available. None work. All stuck at the honeycomb splash screen. I got option 11 going once with no touchscreen controls. Unfortunately, I neglected to back up the tablet. Now I have a really pretty screen saver. Yay!

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